High-quality desserts I highly recommend, including not-so-popular ones

Nutiva – https://www.nutiva.com/blogs/blog/organic-chocolate-hazelnut-spread. I recommend https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nutiva-Organic-Hazelnut-Spread-Dark-Chocolate-13-Oz/134592069 which even has carob mixed into it. It is both antioxidant-dense and calorie-dense. Highly fattening, provides long-lasting calories. Great for coating dates. Also great in sandwiches. Also marble with ice cream instead of fudge. Also put it on chocolate chip pancakes. Even make donuts with it instead of frosting. Donut frosting at bakeries is kind of strong and rich. Cake frosting would be better, but Nutiva would be best!

Make chocolate cake with Nutiva!

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups – addictive in comparison to Reeses cups. Kind of dry compared to Reeses, but once you like it it’s delicious. Also try the dark chocolate almond butter cups.

Lindor 70% cocoa truffles – very rich.

Sienna Bakery gourmet cookies – with dark chocolate chips, they are great. You could even sandwich dark chocolate ice cream between them.

Dark chocolate peanut butter cup brands like Lily’s and Justin’s – in the health food aisle. Only get it when you can afford it because it’s expensivve.

Any that I missed will be down below here

Super simple songs Do you like…

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on videos ”Made for Kids” on YouTube. Comments are disabled for Youtube Kids videos. Google and YouTube had nothing to do with it. YouTube is just complying with COPPA.
I will give my response here then.

I might make a copy of this post on https://musicteachings.wordpress.com

That song is a JOKE!

Popcorn pizza isn’t as bad as the others. Pickle pudding is probably the worst.

Anything missing?

Do You Like Bologna? What’s Baloney? It’s a sausage. Yes I do! Yes I do!

The first question would be sung, but the second question and the answer after it would be spoken. These would be back and forth between two characters. The two exclamations after that would be sung.


Do you like turtle? Yes I do! Yes I do! Do you like caterpillar? No I don’t! No I don’t! Do you like turtlepillar? What?!
The last two questions would be spoken, of which the latter would have been asked by the kid who’s asked if they like something. I don’t hear any spoken questions like “what is…” in the YouTube videos.

Turtlepillar? A Reddit user named Questionworld may have inspired https://www.reddit.com/r/HybridAnimals/comments/8cti72/turtlepillar/, but he deleted the account, according to http://questionindust.blogspot.com/2022/04/turtlepillar.html.

Not that that turtle, turtlepillar, or caterpillar should be in a super simple song. Bologna/baloney and the ”what is” question on the other hand…

More culinary ideas

Sorry I’m like two weeks late. Posting schedule changes to once every four weeks. Check Two Fridays from now and every four Fridays. If I can’t come up with anything, I will take a hiatus.

Pizza in a masonry oven fired with compressed natural gas, or alternatively a wood and/or coal, the latter of which either charcoal or bituminous coke or a mix of the two. Maybe a mix of charcoal briquettes and lumpwood charcoal. Maybe natural gas flame to light charcoal and/or coke.

Meat, such as beef and venison, whether in the form of sausage or steak, be either hot-smoked or flame-broiled. Prefer firewood for the former, while a gas flame is preferred for the latter. Maybe char-gas hybrid grills would work. See https://infogalactic.com/info/Barbecue_grill#Hybrids. Gas flame to light charcoal. Another idea is Burger King’s flame-broiler.

Kamado grill, maybe a Broil King Keg or Vision grill, for barbecue, and a vertical smoker for smoking. Cabinet smoker should be a gas smoker with all the features in https://infogalactic.com/info/File:Propane_smoker.jpg. Prefer bullet smoker like Weber Smokey Mountain over upright drum smoker. Another idea is a reverse flow box smoker. A horizontal offset smoker should have tuning baffle plates. Of https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/best-propane-smokers/, the Master Built Thermotemp and the Smoke Hollow are the most desirable.

A Kamado Grill or Big Steel Keg should be made of cermet rather than pure ceramic or steel. Cermet would ideally be 80% ceramic and 20% metal, with mostly titanium carbide and maybe some tungsten carbide for ceramic component, and nickel, iron, and/or cobalt with alloy elements like zirconium and molybdenum for metal component. Another idea is Inconel.

Meat either seared or better yet, reverse-seared.

Grass-finished beef medium-rare, grain-finished beef medium-well.

Best types of smokers and grills 

  1. Propane cabinet smoker – running on propane, the flames of which go through a tray holding wood or better yet a mix of wood and charcoal, and then around a water pan to cook the meat. Water evaporates from the pan. Prefer rectangular pan.
  2. Big Steel Keg, i.e. Broil King Keg  – versatile, can function as both smoker and grill, and is made of steel so avoids the portability and brittleness problems of Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg. Would be better if it was made primarily of Cermet.
  3. Bullet smoker, i.e. Weber Smokey Mountain.
  4. Gas grill, running on compressed natural gas – more advanced than a kettle grill.
  5. Horizontal offset smoker, with tuning baffle plates.

Cook steak with either of these. Pasture-raised, grass-finished steak should be medium-rare, while grain-finished steak should be medium-well.

Also cook hamburgers, which should be venison mixed with pasture-raised, grain-finished beef, and sausage, which could be pork mixed with beef, lamb, hogget, and/or poultry.

Less desired smokers

Vertical offset smoker – less preferred than an offset horizontal or non-offset vertical smoker.

Latin American meal idea

More than a week late to post. Running out of inspiration!

Tacos with hard corn shells and soft flour tortillas.

Taco seasoning in ground beef. Prefer beef over chicken.

Side: either refried beans or black beans. In the latter, include incredients like tomatoes, red and green peppers, minced onions, garlic salt, cilantro, and such. Put the beans on brown rice.

Other Latin American meal ideas include fajitas with soft flour tortillas. Feature chicken, shrimp, red and green peppers, tomatoes, and such. Onions be diced, sliced, or minced. Include additional seasoning like… I don’t know, maybe chili and cilantro, garlic salt, and then some? Also spinach.

If not tortillas, have rice for fajitas. Depends on how the fajitas are made and seasoned. If tortillas, have Mexican rice on the side.

Then there’s tamales. Prefer beef.

To eat dairy or no dairy

There’s a popular vegan argument: milk is meant for baby cows, not for people. The real basis for that is that no animal drinks the milk of other animals in the wild. No wild animal drinks milk as an adult.

Others think milk is disgusting, particularly me.

The only dairy products I will absolutely eat, are ice cream and cheese, and maybe whipped cream. Those are the only dairy products that I will absolutely recommend. Maybe also buttermilk pancakes. Is nougat a dairy product? I would eat that. Edit: What about pudding and French silk pie? The latter would be double chocolate silk cake pie or fudge brownie silk pie, maybe the former with fudge too.

I prefer dark chocolate, especially for ice cream, Twix, truffles, and Milky Ways. I don’t have as strong preference for dark chocolate in kit kats or plain chocolate bars.

Dark chocolate bars are ideally dairy free. But the popular Hershey’s and Dove darks are not. Poor quality dark chocolate has dairy, good-quality dark chocolate is dairy-free.

I am not a fan of 86% cocoa bittersweet chocolate. That’s dark chocolate going a little bit too far.

I might not desire to eat this this, but I recommend that people eat dark, semisweet, or bittersweet chocolate stuffed with milk chocolate.

I strongly prefer and recommend bittersweet cocoa powder for hot chocolate. I recommend either dairy, almond milk, cashew milk, or oat milk. I recommend the latter three over rice milk.

Dairy, where used, should be mixed goat and cow’s milk.

Milk balances out the bitterness of cocoa powder. I don’t know what ingredient, whether it’s lactose, but I think it’s either casein or butterfat or both. I think casein alleviates spicy taste, but I don’t know if it balances out astringency or bitterness. I think antioxidants like tannins are what give cocoa its bitterness.

You ought to have grape juice or wine with dark chocolate. I’m saying that sarcastically. They combine to make something even more harshly bitter and astringent.

Carob is a chocolate substitute. For just one thing, it doesn’t have theobromine (which is like one third as toxic to humans as to dogs), but there are other nutritional differences that make carob healthier. You may as well mix carob flour with cocoa powder. Other sweeteners I recommend besides sugar – erythritol, sorbitol, and monk fruit. Of course, zero-calorie isn’t always good.

For pizza, cheese should be mixed mozzarella, provolone, and some others. For garlic cheese bread, mixed mozzarella and cheddar and maybe parmesan and provolone would be good, and also stuff feta cheese.

I would prefer to avoid dairy in mashed potatoes unless maybe it was butter, cream, and/or asiago cheese. For mashed potatoes with beef gravy, soy milk or cashew milk might be good. For garlic mashed potatoes, olive oil, margarine, butter, and/or asiago cheese might be good.

I don’t like sour cream.

Margarine has more unsaturated and less saturated compounds than butter, that’s why it’s claimed to be healthier. But it often has trans fat which is the most unhealthy of the four types of fat. But margarine is not only claimed to be a healthy alternative to butter, but in some cases it’s a dairy-free alternative to butter even if it has a little bit of hydrogenated oils.

Italian meal idea 

Meatball and summer squash skillet, with four full links of uncured Italian sausage, multiple cubes of zucchini and yellow summer squash, thin slices of red and yellow peppers, dices of tomatoes, minced onions, and seasonings such as garlic powder, sea salt, and Italian herb seasoning. Don’t forget olive oil. Maybe classic olive oil as cooking oil, and extra virgin olive oil when the skillet is finished fresh hot.

Serve it on semolina spaghetti. Edit: could have penne, rotini, or ravioli instead, the latter of which should be stuffed with parmesan.

Side: garlic cheese bread, with mozzarella, Parmesan, provolone, and cheddar cheese on top, plus feta and spinach stuffed inside. Dip it in marinara sauce. Desire whole wheat or multi-grain for garlic cheese bread.

Have some Concord grape juice or red-purple wine to go with it.

Italian sausage should be either pork or wild boar on its own, or beef mixed with pork, lamb or hogget, and/or venison. Desire strings/strands of at least one meat and particles/grains of at least one other. Sausage Precooked to 160 Fahrenheit.

The beef could be either grass-finished or finished on a variety grains. See https://treehozz.com/what-is-beef-finishing and https://www.highlandcattleusa.org/content/Grain%20Finished%20Beef.pdf

Italian sausage would be desired to be roasted, broiled, braised, or hot-smoked. Could cook sausage in Big Steel Keg, horizontal offset smoker with tuning baffle plates, gas grill, Weber Smokey mountain, or LPG cabinet smoker. Mix wood and charcoal where possible.

How food should be done, and then some

Sorry I’m a week late to post.

But anyway…

Pizza should be either hand tossed or better yet, cooked in wood/charcoal-fired or gas-fired masonry oven.

Cookies, especially peanut butter cookies, should be whole wheat. Grandma cookies on the other hand should be white bread.

Barbecuing, smoking, and grilling should mix wood and charcoal when possible. Grill preferably either charbroiler or Kamado grill or Big Steel Keg, although two-sided grilling may be better than charbroiling. Smoker either Weber smokey mountain, horizontal offset smoker with tuning baffle plates, reverse flow box smoker, or propane smoker. Kamado grill or Big Steel Keg should be made primarily of cermet of 80% ceramic and 20% metal. Add a mix of wood and charcoal to a gas grill or propane smoker where possible. Ideally a clean flame, maybe lean burn, would feed into a mix of charcoal and wood. Use water pan where possible.

Edit note: I made some edits to the above paragraph.

Edit: Cooking at high temperatures and cooking at low temperatures each have advantages and disadvantages. For roasting, use the combination method mentioned in https://infogalactic.com/info/Roasting#Methods to get the best of both worlds. Low-temperature for most of the cooking time, with high temperature at both just the beginning and the end.

Omelet could mix bacon and sausage, the latter of which would balance out the blandness and unpalatability of the bacon, and also mix cheddar with mozzarella. Diced tomatoes may do away with the blandness and unpalatability of the eggs. Also include spinach.

Again, meat be grilled or smoked, vegetables cooked other methods.

Extra virgin olive oil on fresh hot pizza.

Combine sausage and pepperoni on pizza. Sausage complements the taste of pepperoni. Also have spinach or kale. Red and yellow peppers could do as well.

Side for spaghetti with marinara and meatballs should be garlic multi-cheese bread which could additionally have feta and spinach.

Sausage and zucchini skillet could be served on spaghetti or pasta. The skillet should combine yellow summer squash with zucchini, and also sliced red and yellow peppers and diced tomatoes and minced onions and seasonings such as oregano and either garlic powder or garlic salt. Could also add spinach and/or kale. Don’t forget olive oil. Edit: zucchini and yellow summer squash should be cubed.

Garlic mashed potatoes should be skin-on and should be made with buttercream and asiago cheese rather than whole or skim milk. Don’t forget garlic salt, or alternatively garlic powder and sea salt. Also leavy green seasoning. Eat them as a side for steak either medium-rare grass-finished or medium-well grain-finished. Steak would preferably be grilled, barbecued, or hot-smoked. Alternatively to steak would be fried or baked chicken or lobster tail, maybe with a side of shrimp and/or crab legs. Breaded cod also works. Edit: Scallops anyone?

Tacos eaten alongside black beans and brown rice. Tacos with hard corn shells and soft flour tortillas.

Now for desserts

Chocolate shell of ice cream bar should be semi-sweet or bittersweet dark chocolate.

For any chocolate, should mix carob with chocolate.

Peanut butter cups should be just like Trader Joe’s, but with peanut butter component unsweetened. Cashew butter may be better.

Ideal ice cream would be dark chocolate fudge. Served in an oreo waffle dish or oreo waffle cone.

Subject to additions.

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